Sunday, October 28, 2012

Angels, Doves & Halloween

For many years I have kept angel statues in my front and back yards.  The statues are of different sizes and materials, but they all have a peaceful, angelic quality and they add beauty to my yard and garden.   Over the years people visiting my home have commented on how peaceful the atmosphere is, and although I have been grateful for their comments I didn't put two and two together, until recently.

Another figurine that I admire is that of a sweet, gentle bird, so I bought several figurines for the yard and noticed a curious thing this summer.  Birds were spending more and more time in my back yard, and the birds were of a similar type as the bird figurines.  I would find them just sitting around or sunning on my patio, whereas before I didn't have birds.  It is as if the live birds saw the bird figurines on my patio and wanted to dwell there with them.

...and then my eyes were opened.

What if angels...angels of grace, peace and serenity saw my angels statues and took that as a welcome to my home?  Have I invited heavenly angels to my home without even being aware?  If you came to my home you would feel a sweet and kind presence, as I do.

So, what is around your home and yard?  What are you inviting into your presence that perhaps you are not aware of?  Objects around us bring invitations and I encourage you to invite all that is heavenly.

PS:  You never will find ghouls, witches, graves, ghosts, items of blood, terror or destruction in my home at Halloween.  I do not want to extend any invitation to that element, even if it is just for Halloween.  I'd rather have pumpkins & mums.

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