Tuesday, August 16, 2011


To everyone who cancelled on my esthetician today, thank you.  (Cough) You were rude to cancel within hours of your appointment, and you were rude to just not show up.  However, because of your poor spa etiquette (lol), I got to have a 2 hour facial.  AhhhhhSpaaahhhhh.  Sooooo, relaxing and enjoyable.

After I sunk down underneath the sateen luxury sheeting, after she dimmed the lights and ever so gently pinned my hair up, she cleansed my skin.  I love the thick cotton towelettes she uses to remove the cleanser and I especially like that she uses several thick towelettes instead of reusing the same one over and over (soooo not sanitary).  After a couple of rounds of cleansing, she applied a masque hand-mixed to address my particular skin's needs.  As she applied the masque I felt a warmth spread all over my face.  I was in a lovely state of relaxation but soon realized that my face was on fireeeee!!  

A paprika masque it was and, boy, that paprika is hot stuff.  It causes the blood to rush to the surface of the skin (hello!) thus resulting in the toxins to come to the surface and thus resulting in my face being on fire.  It's like eating hot-hot-hot sauce at a Mexican restaurant that you realize is really hot only after you've emptied your bowl of chips.  By then, it's way too late to go back and you just have to let the inside of your mouth find its own salvation and coolness through iced tea, iced water and ice cream after dinner (ha).

Anyway, back to the spa table.  She let the paprika masque cure for 5 minutes or so (fireeeeee!) and then rinsed it away.  Throughout the remainder of the facial, my face continued to feel the effects of the paprika.  It's because the blood still was rushing to my face...the toxins rushing...you could even see that my face was flush!  

After rounds of this and that soothing masques and this and that gloriously thick, lush lotions, followed by a rose infused masque, I was asleep in dream state.  As the rose infused masque cured, she left the room for who knows how long.  All I know was that I was dreaming on the table.  You see, I had just come from the gym (awesome workout) and had a light lunch (yummy), so my body was ready for some recoup time...it was ready for some slumber in the dark with soft music playing.

She came back inside and peeled the luscious rose masque off and then she applied an incredibly wholesome feeling organic conditioner to my face and neck.  She then applied another layer of the conditioner and my skin was drinking it in!  I promise, I was so hydrated and plumped up that I was radiant.

It was when I had to awaken to dress myself that I noticed the time.  Over 2 hours!!  I had been on her table for over 2 hours!!!  Ohhhhh, how wonderful I felt.  My whole being had been refreshed.  So, again I say thank you to the people who cancelled or were no shows.  I took all of my time and some of yours too.  I also generously tipped my esthetician and bought products to make up for the loss of income due to your not being there (oops!).

When was the last time you took some time for yourself?  Do you realize that no one else is going to take time for you?  "Your time" can be experienced by only YOU!  Even if it is a refreshing drink, a nice song on the radio and wind in your hair...have a "ME" moment.  Only think about that very moment and not about your to do list.  Think only about yourself and who you are at that moment.

Do something nice for yourself today and savor the experience.  Show kindness and tip well (even though they may use a paprika masque).  :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I was at the gym this morning and began to warm up on a treadmill.  I was running late so I didn't give much attention to the treadmill that I stepped on.  I just pressed "quick start," ramped it up to 3.3 speed and began my session.  As I looked up at the TV screens, I instinctively put both hands on the side rails.  Hmmm, something's not right....something feels gross...

Instead of finding the usual cold, hard rails I realized that I had put my hands down on semi-dried sweat of someone who was on the treadmill before me.  ewwwww!  Immediately, I stepped to the side of the moving track and in doing so I had to brace myself and put my hands in another semi-soggy pool of someone else's sweat.  G-R-O-S-S !!!!!  My mouth opened and out came exclamations such as, "OMG...who was here before me?!  Who would leave a treadmill like this?!  What an inconsiderate person!!!...."  LOL....

You might say, "oh, yea, that's happened to me too..."  Right?  Whether it be an elliptical, treadmill, piece of weight equipment, or stretch mat, I'm sure that at some time in your workout career (ha) you have stepped into, rolled into, sat down on someone else's sweat.  Well, I don't have to tell you that it is just gross.  I never get used to it and I find it completely inexcusable that someone would not clean up after himself/herself. 

Do you know what makes it worse this morning?  The gym is part of an exclusive resort, so the members totally should know better!!!  Actually, I should know better.  By now I should know that manners and courtesy are not possessed only by the financially well-to-do.  In fact, money and status are no indication of the character of a person.  In my opinion, how one conducts himself (this means male and female), how one treats others, one's courtesy and manners (let me throw this in:  washing your hands in the restroom...cleaning up after yourself on a sweaty treadmill!)....these are the elements of a person who has class.