Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is what I think I'm going to do today

I am a big post-it note user. I write my errands down all week so I can do them on the weekends. Well, today I am supposed to do 5 errands which I know will send me all around town ... all day ... only to end up exhausted at the end of the day. So, today, I am pretty sure I'm going to ditch my post-it note and instead go sit out by the pool in my big straw hat! ah ha! ... take that Mr. Post-It!

Some days you just have to say "no" to the senseless busy-ness and instead go for a walk or jog (or ice cream!!!) and just observe the good things around us. The busy-ness of life always will be there; however, nature, a sunny day, our health, family, friends ... all of these good things will not always be with us. Take the time to think about how you spend your time and use it wisely. Apply your resources (ex, your time, energy, affection, attention) toward the things that endure and that will enrich your life. Your relationship with God, your family and friends, your health and well being, ... these are the things that endure. May your heart and life prosper today.