Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just say NO to Oreos and Cheese Nips!

Somehow I ended up with a full bag of Oreo cookies and a box of Cheese Nips in my house. (somehow?....ha) For months now, I've been careful with my diet and am on a roll as far as losing weight. Well, over the last week I've learned something about myself...I can be trusted with neither Oreos nor Cheese Nips! I've downed practically half the bag and half the box! A little nibble here....a little nibble there and before you know it I am 3 pounds heavier! ahhhhh!!

Got me to thinking. There are other kinds of Oreos and Cheese Nips in our lives. Things in our lives that "somehow" are part of our lives, whether it be a habit or people, that we just one day wake up and realize "wow, how did I end up here?!" Negative people, complainers, whiners, those that suck your self esteem and energy from you....those are Oreos. Negative environments also are Oreos. What is a Cheese Nip? A Cheese Nip can be either a person or activity that keep you so distracted or busy with senseless and useless things that you don't have time to address important things in life. Ever meet a person who always was on the "go" and never had time to sit and have a real, meaningful conversation? Ever meet a person who went from one relationship to another without pausing to examine what really they needed or wanted out of a relationship?...a Cheese Nip.

You know, time is short. I want a quality life. Be compassionate and kind, but throw out the Oreos and Cheese Nips!! You'll only gain weight....or baggage. :)))